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You Might Be a Chief’s Spouse If …

I remember the day Josh earned his anchors like it was yesterday. I was incredibly proud of all that he had accomplished, excited for the future that was opening up for him, and totally nervous that I would drop the anchor before I could pin it to the collar of his brand new khaki uniform. Little did I know just how much our lives would change with this one promotion. If you find yourself nodding along with this post, You Might Be a Chief’s Spouse If …

Every August a new crop of Chiefs join the ranks, and a new batch of Chief's Spouses join the club.

Your sailor is a Chief all year long, but “The Season” transforms him into The Chief times ten!

For six weeks he’s all about the PT, the Charge Book, the “tasking,” and the fundraising. Navy Chief! Navy Pride!

The Season is like a Navy holiday.

If "the season" is a holiday in your house, you might be a Chief's Spouse ...

So you NEVER try to take leave from August 1st to September 16th.

Your decorating style can best be described as … Anchors.

And maybe wine. Yes, anchors and wine is just your style.

Can your design style be desrcibed as "anchors"? Well then you might be a Chief's Spouse ...

You look forward to the Gas & Glass all year long.

You probably complain about gas prices all year long (just like the rest of the world), but during The Season you’ll throw out a $10 or $20 tip at a Gas & Glass fundraiser without a second thought.

Your sailor is on his phone, answers questions or giving direction, more than your teenage daughter.

My Chief has been on his phone non-stop lately ... it MUST be Chief season.

Middle of the night, dinnertime, or any-other-inconvenient-time calls become the rule, not the exception.

Ummm … Khaki Ball!

It’s the one ball you actually enjoy attending! It’s a little less formal … a lot more fun! Too bad most of my Khaki Ball memories are just a bit wine-blurry …

This sign TOTALLY speaks to you …

 It’s all about the tag sale.

You keep a separate stash of tag sale items in the garage just for the Chief Selects. It’s hard raising all that money, and you want to help when you can!

It’s the worst time of year to need orders.

Raise your hand if you’ve had to wait for orders for both CPO Redistro AND the new fiscal year (still waiting … not bitter … not at all)

Waiting for orders during the season ...

It’s kind of the MOST wonderful time of the year.

For six weeks of every year, PT starts earlier, training days last longer, phone calls and texts double (or triple), and your sailor can’t think of much of anything else besides “the Season” … and you love him or her all the more for it!!!

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You Might Be a Sub Spouse If …

Yes, we’re all military spouses, but some things are kind of particular to submarine spouses. Give me an “AMEN!” if you feel me …

You Might Be a Sub Spouse if


  1. Sometimes hearing “You’ve got mail!” is better than hearing “It’s a girl!” or “You’ve just won …”
  2. Then you get your hopes dashed when it isn’t sailor mail but rather a JC Penney sale flyer and two ads to drugs that will NOT enhance your particular anatomy (and you keep click refreshing no matter how many times this happens …)You've Got Mail
  3. Saying the word “duty” DOESN’T even make you giggle anymore …
  4. When someone speaks of homecoming in public, even in loose terms, your heart beats like a hammer, you begin to sweat profusely, and you might even blurt out “OPSEC!!!!”opsec
  5. You know phone trees aren’t just for the PTA anymore.
  6. You can squeeze two magazines, a box of Cheezits, a clear container of homemade cookies, two pounds of candy, one pound of beef jerky, 26 letters, and 200 4×6 photos into a one gallon maildrop bag and STILL close it without using tape.
  7. You get a little jealous when you see signage, news coverage, and weeks of hoopla every time a carrier returns to port.

    We still love you, Stennis! We’re just a little jealous … 😦
  8. You want to scream when another military spouse talks about Skyping with his/her service member.
  9. You’ve spent $20, $40, $60, or maybe 100 bucks to win a First Kiss.
  10. The very sight of a submarine, THAT submarine, can be simultaneously majestic, humbling, heartbreaking, and joyous … oh, and DAMN SEXY!!!maine

God, I love my sailor!

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