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Embracing Fall

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At one time I dreaded the coming of Fall. It was like a very final good-bye to my favorite season, to late nights and lazy days, and to the warmth of the summer sun. But over the past few years I am finally learning to enjoy crisp mornings, changing of the leaves, and chilly nights. I am embracing Fall.

In my normal fashion, last year I went overboard, trying to decorate every flat space in my house, cramming in ALL THE ACTIVITIES, and generally “FALL-ing” my family to death. This year, I’m trying to take it easy. I’m trying to remember that we still have a killer schedule of school days, swim team, and too many meetings. I’m trying … but I do have a few things I’d love to share!

First, my Bucket List. You know I love a good list, and this one is all about Fall fun! I tried to keep it simple, mostly things we always do with only one new addition (the pumpkin party), and I’ve already given myself permission to skip anything that simply doesn’t fit in the schedule. It’s all about balance, right? (Right click and save if you’d like to print your own! Should print fine up to 8×10.)

Bucket List 14

Second, I made this fun wreath for my front door. I used a repurposed-100-times foam wreath, some dollar store leaves and flowers, some sparkly leaves from World Market, and burlap and berry picks from Michaels! What do you think?

Fall Wreath

I’m also working on a little mantel decorating! After Christmas last year I vowed never to decorate the mantel again because no one ever spent time in this part of the house, but recently I swapped the too-small living room furniture with our much-too-big-for-that-space dining room table. Now I happily work in that room every single day, and I’m looking forward to having something pretty to look at!

Fall Mantle

(It’s a work in progress. I have a giant mantle, stark white walls, and very high ceilings as well as no sense of decorating-style to contend with …)

Last but not least … the scent of Fall. I followed this recipe for Fall Potpourri, and it smells AMAZING! You really have to try it! My little helper said it smells like “love and heaven.” (Melt …)

Fall Potpourri


Focusing on the sights, smells, food, and fun of Fall has been key in helping me to embrace this season, and I hope it will help in embracing the weather as well. It seems that official Fall brought cloudy skies and buckets of rain along with it, but by surrounding myself with pretty things, “love and heaven” smells, and the promise of fun days ahead, I hope to find at least a few of those clouds have a silver lining!

What are your favorite things about Fall? Any fun activities, crafts, or foods, you’d care to share?

I don’t really do tutorials (I have Pinterest for that), but I will be sharing pictures of how our Bucket List activities come out over on Facebook. Make sure to click over and like my page to keep up with our Fall fun! Also follow Back on Land on Pinterest and share your fun Fall ideas with me!



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