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Sink, Survive, or Thrive: Thriver’s Guilt

I had a completely different post in mind on Monday. It was the sad story of a blah day of nothingness that really brought me down, but then Tuesday happened … and it was GREAT! Wednesday was AWESOME, and Thursday and Friday just kept getting better!!! WOOHOO, right?!?

Sink, Survive, or Thrive

Then last weekend, while emailing my sailor all the fun details of our amazing week, I had a sad little moment of doubt. Should I really be emailing him this? Is it wrong to tell him how much fun we’re having without him? Will it bother him? Will it hurt his feelings? The thoughts began to tumble and roll with no end in sight, and I went to bed that night wondering …

Is really okay to thrive while my sailor is at sea?

Although I had a moment of hesitation, I know the answer, and the answer is a resounding YES!!! Is is more than okay to THRIVE while your sailor is at sea; in fact it’s the best thing you can do!!!

First,THRIVING IS GOOD FOR YOU. We do our best work when we are happy. We are better parents, friends, and co-workers when we are happy. We are more giving and more kind when we are truly happy, and the world just seems a little shinier when we are happy.

Second, THRIVING IS GOOD FOR YOUR SAILOR. Our sailors have important jobs, and they need to focus on them 100%. Who will do a better job at sea: a sailor who worries over his spouse everyday or a sailor who proudly knows his spouse is kicking butt and taking names?!? That second guy, of course, and that’s who we need showing up to work each day on a submarine!

Finally, THRIVING IS GOOD FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP. It’s as simple as 1 + 1 = 2. A happier YOU plus a happier SAILOR equals a happier relationship. It’s really a no brainer!

Now having said all that … I don’t thrive everyday. Just last week I had a blah day of nothingness that really brought me down, and I told Josh all about it. I told him I was bored and sad and missing him like crazy. I know my sailor, and I know that probably bothered him. I also know that my sailor knows me well enough to know that those feelings are temporary and that as usual I will work hard the next day to pick myself up and make every effort to thrive again.

And I will tell him all about that as well, so that he can thrive, too!


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