Navy Brats

I Got Tagged By Aubrey

It’s rolling around Facebook.

Another one of those, “I got tagged so I MUST answer this questions and then share with/force 5 of my friends to play along” kind of status updates. It’s a modern-day chain letter only without the stamps, dollar bills, or ominous threats. I have seen it a few times and ignored them all equally until now …


My sixteen-year-old daughter, my oldest, my first wants photographic evidence of things that make me feel beautiful …

Well, first let me say that I don’t actually feel traditionally beautiful. I’m smart. I’m fun. I’m a good friend. I’m pretty good at fixing things, and I do my best at the whole wife-and-mother thing, but beautiful? No, just not my thing. Oddly, I guess, that’s never bothered me. Some people confuse this for low self-esteem, but it’s not. Really. And it isn’t a bid for compliments or pats on the back. Trying to be beautiful is just not high on my list of priorities.

It probably doesn’t make sense. I know. And if I can’t make it make sense to the world in a blog post (words being kinda my thing), how do you explain it to a teenage girl? Yikes …

But here’s my attempt.

I am not traditionally beautiful, but I do know beauty. So here, my sweet girl, is the proof …

Josh & Me

I have a best friend and soul mate who saves his best and only silliness for me.

My kids

And together we created three of the most amazing creatures.

The ocean

I know my happy place. It ebbs and flows in my soul.


I know true friendship, the kind that prevails great distances and too much time.


I am learning to follow my path. I can’t always see it clearly, but I feel I am walking in the right direction.

There it is. I have been tagged, and I have answered. What makes me feel beautiful isn’t a good hair day, a cute selfie, or a quirky grin. It is the life I am creating and the beautiful people with whom I share it.


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