A Back on Land Break

For a while I’ve had a hard time posting here. I’ve had to really reach for words to post, and I haven’t been at all happy with the outcome. Writer’s block has become my mantra, and it’s stressful. Even if not a single person reads my words, I feel compelled to write them … or attempt to at least … and I have felt like I was creating anything worthwhile for quite a long time.

So I’m taking a little break from this blog. I shifting my focus away from “navy wife life” for a while to focus on what’s really important to me … my family.

I’ve created a little side blog … just something fun, no pressure … to document all the summer magic I have planned for my family. It’s called One Magical Summer, and I’d love if you followed me over.

I hope to come back to Back on Land eventually. I will come back … but for now I’ll focus on documenting one more lovely summer with my family.



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