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Mil-kid Crafts: I Spy a Submarine Portal!

Last week, my crafty friend, Meaghan, helped me get my paint and glue on in a big way with our mil-kids. Three crafts and four kids (ages 3 to 6) in less than 2 hours. Yes, she IS amazing! I posted our first craft, Packable Hugs, last week, and now I’m sharing another cute project, Submarine Portals!

The idea and instructions for our Submarine Portals came from this pin at (Definitely click the link for supply lists and instructions; I’m just posting to show off the Mil-kid cuteness!)


To say ours didn’t quite come out as perfect as the inspiration is … well …  let’s just say we kept reminding ourselves that they are kids, and perfection isn’t nearly as important as is the fun they were having. I do  have to admit that the end products came out pretty sweet!

Submarine Portals


What’s your favorite Mil-Kid Craft? Send me pics! Send me links! I’d love to share them here and on my Pinterest board!

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