Navy Brats

Celebrating My Mil-kids: Meet Sydney

April is the Month of the Military Child, and so I’m celebrating MINE! I hope you’ll take a moment to celebrate the Mil-Kids in your life!

My Sydney, my middle, my green kangaroo turned thirteen this year …

Wow …


She was the baby of our little family for nine years (until we were surprised blessed a third mil-kid), and watching her grow from our sweet Syddie-pie into the beautiful young woman she’s becoming still feels like watching my baby walk away from me for the first time. Amazing and sweet and just a little heartbreaking.

Sydney has only attended three schools, though the last school change was a result of growing up rather than a military move. She has lived in six homes but only remembers the last three very well. She’s called three states home, but her first, Georgia, is probably more just a series of stories she’s heard enough to feel like memories. It makes me sad that she doesn’t have those roots.

Sydney is a serious reader and a collector of tiny things. She gets this beautiful quizzical expression on her face when she’s working out a puzzle. She has more imagination than a room full of preschoolers, and she’s a snuggler if there ever was one. I find her wrapped up in blankets playing, reading, or just watching TV all the time.

Sydney is the most friendly of all my kids, by which I mean she inherited my dad’s ability to talk to people and make friends wherever she goes. Once we were walking through Central Park and came upon a sweet little playground with a slide built right into the side of a hill. The other kids were sliding on pieces of cardboard, but of course, we didn’t have any. Before I knew what was happening, I see Syd zooming down the slide on her own piece, and afterward, when I asked where she got it, she grinned and said, “My new friend let me borrow it!”

Sydney shows us every day that marches to her own beat, and as frustrating and nail-biting as that can sometimes be, it’s also thrilling watching her grow and waiting to see what my little girl will become!

Sydney Collage


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