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Mil-kid Crafts: Packable Hugs

I stink at crafts, but my littlest mil-kid just loves a good project so on a recent rainy afternoon, I got together with my craftiest friend, Meaghan, and we helped our mil-kids create these incredibly sweet Packable Hugs! (Click here for our inspiration!)

Packable Hugs

A Packable Hug is the perfect gift to tuck in a mail drop or a halfway box for a deployed Daddy or Mommy, and it’s easy enough for even your littlest artists! All you need is construction paper and a few photos plus a stapler, glue, scissors, and crayons or markers.

Meaghan had our mil-kids choose their favorite colors, cut two long strips for each hug, and attached and accordion-folded each set. Then while she was tracing and cutting out each kid’s hand prints, the kids got busy writing messages to their Dads and attaching sweet Daddy and me photos inside the folds.

(I shied away from the crafty bits and just helped with the writing. 😉 )

Packable Hugs

Finally we stapled on the hand prints, and voila! A Packable Hug!

Packable Hugs

As you can see from the smiles, our mil-kids loved this simple craft, and I know they’ll bring smiles to a few special daddies as well!

Our afternoon was completely FILLED with awesome craftiness so check back next week for our Submarine Portal craft!




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