Navy Brats

Celebrating My Mil-Kids: Meet Aubrey

April is the Month of the Military Child, and so I’m celebrating MINE! I hope you’ll take a moment to celebrate the Mil-Kids in your life!


This is my Aubrey, my oldest, my quieter thinker, my nervous giggler.

My birthday girl.

Celebrating My Mil-Kids: Meet Aubrey

Sixteen years ago today, I paced around my momma’s living room waiting and walking, walking and waiting because I didn’t want to wake my sister, my ride to the hospital, up too early in the morning.

Sixteen years ago today, I listened as “Brick” played on the car radio while contractions gripped me.

Sixteen years ago today, I held the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen in my arms and wondered what the hell I was supposed to do next.

Sixteen years ago today, I breathed in her sweet new baby scent and just prayed to figure it out and not mess her up to badly.

Sixteen years ago today, a great adventure began. Parenting Aubrey has been amazing and wonderful, maddening and frightening, challenging, awe-inspiring, and a roller coaster ride that I feel so privileged to be on.

Celebrating My Mil-Kids Aubrey


My Aubrey is an amazing Mil-Kid (one of my favorite Navy Brats, in fact!)!!! She has lived in five states and attended six schools and lived in more homes than I care to count. This year she’s looking forward to getting her driver’s license, her first non-babysitting job, and starting early college courses (’cause my girl’s wicked smaht!).

I couldn’t be prouder of my #1 Mil-Kid, and I hope she knows that it doesn’t have to be April for me to celebrate! I know she’s amazing EVERYDAY!




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