It’s Not You; It’s Me.

Dear Washington,

I’ve overheard some pretty ugly rumors about us lately, and I’d like to set the record straight. I don’t hate you, but you and me? We’re never going to happen. The thing is … it’s not you; it’s me.

It's Not You; It's Me

Don’t get me wrong. There are lots of things about you that I really, really like! I could name ten EASY off the top of my head! Seriously!

Lovely summers, free concerts, Pike’s Place flowers, riding the ferry, Farmer’s Markets, mountain views, blackberries, vehicle registration (love this …. so easy!), art … everywhere!, and of course, the epic quirkiness that is Seattle!

I mean, seriously, that was EASY, and I could probably come up with more! Washington, you’re a great state! That’s why it pains me to say … it’s not you, it’s me.

It’s not your fault. I’m simply an East coast girl. I miss long days and months of sunshine. I miss sandy beaches. I miss being really hot. Like don’t-want-to-leave-this-spot-near-the-AC-EVER-hot. I miss being “near” my family. I miss family vacations on Long Beach Island. I miss visiting New York City.

But most of all I miss being minutes away from the ocean …  

sitting alone near the sheer vastness of saltwater…  

it reminds me that my day and my problems are beautifully small …

and so very manageable in the grand scheme of all that is.

Your mountains are beautiful, but here on this peninsula, surrounded on all sides, I feel suffocated, surrounded, cut off from the ocean that has always brought me so much peace.

I’m sorry, Washington. I don’t hate you (even if I say that sometimes in fits of frustration); I just don’t love you. I’d like to be friends though. I’d like us to have a good time together for the next year or so. I hope you understand and will be kind to me during our last year together. I’ll try to be kinder as well and bear my frustrations in silence without maligning your good name. And when I do leave and (hopefully) head back to my East Coast home, I will remember you fondly … the good times we’ve had, the good memories we’ve made.

With my toes in the sand, sun streaming down on me, on some warm beach 3000+ miles away, I’ll remember you, and be happy.



6 thoughts on “It’s Not You; It’s Me.”

    1. Thanks! It’s been on my mind a lot lately … reconciling things that are easy to say (I hate you, Washington!) with what I’m really feeling (I’m so homesick!). 🙂


    1. It’s okay with me! Just tell Oregon, “You’re great, and Portland really is WEIRD. I simply don’t belong here ….” lol


  1. I was soooooo debating on registering a blog with the name “Washington” and answering you back heh … but I figured the WordPress people would not like that and tell me I was being an identity their or something!

    Just be sure when you do get back to the place you love, that you keep some of those kind words about t us 🙂

    PS ~ And I really don’t think Washington would be offended … it’s kinda a laid back place that way. But yeah, Portland is weird. (Wait!!! I’m from the Portland area too!)


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