Something I DON’T Hate About Washington

It’s not exactly a secret that Washington hasn’t been my favorite place to live. I don’t like the rain. I long to feel dry and (gasp!) actually HOT in the summertime, and I dearly miss seeing the ocean everyday of my life. Yeah … Washington? Thanks but no thanks.

Buuuuut … there a few things about Washington I don’t hate. The blackberries in my backyard? Don’t hate that! The summer concert series in every little town around the Sound in the summer? I definitely don’t hate that!

But yesterday, I experienced something so awesome and so uniquely Washington, I just have to share! World, meet the Mattress Ranch!

Oh the corny awesomeness! I’ve been watching those commercials for three and half years now, and when Josh and I finally decided to replace our old mattress I just knew that the Mattress Ranch was one little piece of Washington I just HAD to take with me! Seriously! The commercials are so silly and goofy, and the owner, Ted Sadler, well … I mean I think that commercial says it ALL!

Anywho, I was as giddy as a schoolgirl yesterday when we pulled into the parking lot. Partially because we really needed a new mattress, but mostly because of this …

Mattress Ranch

And this …


Yes, that IS the parking lot! AWESOME! The totally neon awesomeness doesn’t stop there. Inside there are cows and pigs here and there and everywhere, and seriously … when I asked if they had a bathroom, the sales guy said, “Sure! Down the stairs. Make a left at the turkey, and it’s on your left.”

Make a left at the turkey

Seriously, does it get more cheesy awesome than that? I don’t think it could!

It does get more awesome though because a) all their mattresses are Made in the USA, b) the prices were really low, and c) we didn’t have to wait for delivery. Our mattress was in stock and IN MY HOUSE last night! Sweet!

Okay, I have to say I did not get paid for this post even though this may seem like a commercial. One of the great things about being part of a military family is experiencing the best (and sometimes quirkiest) things at each new duty station, and Mattress Ranch definitely qualifies! My life is richer for having experienced local shops, restaurants, and culture from coast to coast. Our home has little pieces of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, New York, and Washington here and there (not to mention the mention stops in between), and those little tchotchkes remind me every.single.day of all the beautiful places we’ve been and the amazing fun we’ve had getting there! I really wouldn’t have it any other way!

And if I just happen to get an great night’s sleep on one of those quirky little doo-dads, well that’s even BETTER!

Mattress Ranch 3


2 thoughts on “Something I DON’T Hate About Washington”

    1. You’re welcome! I’m always looking to find new milspouse blogs! They’re the best kind, right? 😉

      And yes, the Mattress Ranch is priceless!


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