Deployment, Navy Life 101

Beat the Deployment Blues TODAY!

Every deployment has those days. The days where you just miss your sailor so much you could cry. You don’t want to get out of your yoga pants. You just want to curl up with a a pint a quart (get real!) a gallon of mint chocolate chip Breyer’s and mope. Yes, everybody has those days, and while it’s perfectly fine to take a day to do just that, there are alternatives!

Beat the Deployment Blues

  1. Try a new coffee shop or restaurant.
  2. Visit a museum you’ve never been to.
  3. Take to a yoga or spin class.
  4. Go for a walk around the neighborhood.
  5. Invite a friend over to watch and make fun of the stupidest movie ever.
  6. Have a good cry. This always work for me.
  7. Skype or Facetime with your best friend or sister or brother or mom or dad.
  8. Take a nap in the best comfy spot in the house.
  9. Go for a swim.
  10. Find a furry friend. (Seriously I’m not a pet person, but those little adoptable puppies at Petsmart always make me smile.)
  11. Get a massage.
  12. Hug someone! Your kid, a friend, that nice lady at the farmer’s market. (I may have boundary issues …)
  13. Have dinner with a friend or two or all of them. POTLUCK!
  14. Eat ice cream. Maybe a new flavor or maybe an old favorite. Add whipped cream. That always helps.
  15. Do something awesome for someone else. Pull in the garbage cans for the entire street. Buy a meal for the homeless guy on the corner. Buy flowers for a friend (and yourself while you’re at it).
  16. Make something. Sew it. Paint. Write it. Hot glue it. Pinterest …
  17. Try a new recipe … if you like to cook. If you don’t cook, see #1. Everybody likes to eat.
  18. Write your sailor a letter. Tell him (or her) how much you love and miss him and how much you can’t wait for him to come home.
  19. Take a fancy bath! Bring out the big guns and all the best crystals, salts, bubbles, and oils you’ve got.
  20. Get a manicure or a pedicure … or both!

These are tried and true cures for the deployment blues for ME. To be honest, what works for me may not work for you, but it can’t hurt to try! In the meantime, sit down and make your own list of things you love to do/want to check out/need an excuse to try because the deployment clues WILL come. It’s up to you how you’ll handle them!

Be Prepared!

How do you beat the blues? Leave me a comment for a future list!


2 thoughts on “Beat the Deployment Blues TODAY!”

    1. Deployments are a common occurrence around here! We are a military family so we are always preparing for, experiencing, or recovering from a deployment! Go Navy! 🙂


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