Deep Thoughts by a Slow Runner: I Ran a 5k!

I did it!

I did it!

I really, really did it!

Sweetheart Run 2014

I finished my first 5k in over a year a half this morning!

It was … tough in some spots. I had to walk two or three times.

It was … a little disheartening to get passed and beat by a couple in their (I’m guessing) 60’s or 70’s. (It’s was also an inspiration!)

It was … a little embarrassing to see people running the route A SECOND TIME before I finished my second mile.

It was … motivating to have a friend running the whole thing beside me (thanks, Beth!).

It was … heartwarming to see a beautiful, wonderful friend and her crazy-adorable kids cheering for me at the end. (Thank you, Jessica, Adley, and Sarah! Thank you for the photo as well!)

It was … AMAZING just to be able to finish!

It was … seriously crazy to me that as soon as I left the track I started thinking about my next run!

It was a beautiful (albeit cold) day for my first 5k in 2014, and I cannot wait for the next one!

For record’s sake, today my time was 35:48. Not bad for a beginner! 


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