RIP Old Friend …

I had a very different post planned for today, but the events of the morning necessitated something a bit more somber.

It is with great sadness today that I report the death of one of my oldest Washington friends …

RIP Mr. Black & Decker

We were first introduced as a I walked through the kitchen of what would become my family’s new home. I was happy to see the ice maker … tickled with a built-in microwave … but you, Mr. Black & Decker Coffee Maker … I fell head over heels in love the moment I laid eyes on you. Gazing into your digital display I saw a future for us … morning coffee … afternoon coffee … the occasional oh so decadent after dinner cup. I saw forever …

We had some good years together, right? All those damp chilly mornings, you were there for me. When the kids woke me up too early, you were there. When I woke up with a headache, you were there. When the whole world seemed to be going crazy, you.were.there.

And yes I may have momentarily cheated on you over the holidays with a few cups of hot tea, but I swear they meant nothing to me! Nothing! It was always you, Mr. B & D! Always.

If only I had known that always could end so quickly …

I didn’t realize yesterday would be our last, I might have been a little nicer … a little more attentive. I might have stopped and enjoyed that last cup instead of letting it grow cold in your glass pot. I’m sorry if I was a little rough and grumpy with your this morning, but please know that the shock and sadness in my tears was real as the water poured out of you and I realized you would never brew again.

You’ve been a great friend, Mr. Black & Decker, and I know I’ll always remember you fondly.

Sigh …

I also know that our love was so pure that you will not mind that I have already temporarily replaced you with a borrowed Saeco and that you will at least pretend to not have noticed that I drooled just a little as I stood over him waiting for the first cup in a new romance.


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