Preparing for Deployment: The Best Time is NOW

I am over the moon today! Over. the. MOON! My sailor is home! I’ve been dancing the “he’s-home-he’s-home-he’s-really-really-home” jig for a day or so now, and even today as I sit down to write this I feel like I’m floating on a happy little cloud. Honestly even sitting down at the computer is completely contrary to what my whole being wants to be doing (i.e. snuggling up with him on the couch, touching his face, holding his hand, and pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming), but I’ve been thinking of this post for weeks and it needs to be said … The time to prepare for his next deployment is right now.

Even saying that is slightly depressing, but as much as I am enjoying the glow of Homecoming, there’s a little voice in the back of my head saying, “This won’t last … he’s leaving again … don’t get too comfortable …”

That little voice is kind of a bitch, but she’s right. Josh is a submariner, and submariner’s deploy. It’s what they do. So even as I have enjoyed waking up to his smile this morning and holding his hand at the ice cream shop last night, my mind is already looking a little further down the calendar to a time when he’ll be leaving again. When I will be on my own with three kids again. When according to Subspouse Law, all hell will break loose again.

But a Navy Wife’s best defense against the woes of deployment is to BE PREPARED, and so here I sit. Not next to my handsome husband but at the computer screen with the first installment of a new blog series.

Be Prepared!

This week I am challenging all the Navy spouse readers, who are also staring down the barrel of yet another deployment, to a simple task:

Make a list of everything that sucked during the last deployment.

Did your car begin to belch and splutter?

Did your kids decide their true leader had deployed and declare anarchy?

Did you have a pay issue? Did your military ID expire? Did you finally need that Power of Attorney that your sailor simply forgot to get for you?

Did you simply miss him so much some days you didn’t want to get out of bed? Did you wish physical harm to everyone posting holiday and anniversary photos with their spouses?

What sucked during your last deployment? Write it down. Write it ALL down, every gritty detail. Then grab your sailor and say, “Hey, buddy! This stuff happened while you were gone, and it sucked. It really really sucked. Can we work out some solutions so this sucky stuff doesn’t suck so much next time?”

Work on your list together. It doesn’t have to be done in one day in a day or a week. Hopefully you have a bit of time to come up with solutions, but trust me! Make your LIST OF SUCK now before the glow of Homecoming washes it all away.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  A Navy Wife’s best defense against the woes of deployment is to BE PREPARED.

Because deployments are inevitable, and SUCK happens.

I’d LOVE to hear what comes up on your “It sucked” list, and how you and sailor plan to fix it! Comment below with your best solutions!!! Come back next Monday for “Be Prepared! Part 2: Stuff That Sucked for Him.”


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