My Deployment Wall

I hit my Deployment Wall today, I think. I can’t really explain it any other way. I’m normally a pretty happy person, prone to rant about silly things that bug me but always with a joke and a laugh.

Not today.

The Deployment Wall

Today I woke up to two lovely friends fighting on my Facebook wall about a reality TV show. Sister Wives. I didn’t mean my comment to start such a sh!#storm, but it did. And it got to me.

Then Alli took a nap BEFORE preschool. Yes! Before! I knew then that it would be a very long day indeed. That got to me.

I had a decent run, attended a meeting. Didn’t get a shower before I had to pick Alli up from school. Showed up in a sweaty t-shirt and gross looking yoga pants. The other preschool mothers are lovely and perfectly put together. That got to me.

I had JUST enough time after preschool and before picking Aubrey up to either eat or shower. Just one. Not both. I ate. That got to me.

The appointment went well. The physical therapist was very nice. Then we had to schedule more appointments, five more appointments, five more things into an already fit to bursting schedule. She asked if I was a stay-at-home mother, how could they make it easiest for me to get Aubrey to the appointments. That was actually quite lovely of her. Unfortunately the answer is, as always, “I’ll just have to make it work.” That got to me.

I made it home from the appointment with a laundry list of chores left to do. Start Josh’s car. (How long has it been?) Wash Alli’s carseat. (Where did that funky smell come from?) Wash the dishes you didn’t finish this morning. Cook the pasta. Fold two more loads of laundry. I’m tired already, but let’s do this.

Step 1: Start Josh’s car. Why would that be easy? Why would a one year old battery still be good? (Why does January hate that car?!?) I jumped it; it started. I drove it; it was lovely. I shut it off and tried to start it again, and it gave me the big ole clickety-clackety bird. That REALLY got to me.

Okay, so today stunk, but days do that sometimes. People argue on Facebook. Who cares? My schedule is always busy. So what? And the car battery is totally under warranty, and I can pick up a brand new one free of charge at my convenience. Yay!

But it ALL got to me today. I let it get to me. I hit my Deployment Wall. Because if he was here I would have complained about Facebook to him, and if he was here, he might be able to help with either the appointments or the other kids. If he was here, he could, no WOULD have helped with the laundry and maybe even the dishes, and if he was here … well, I probably still would have dealt with the battery, but he would have been right there beside me as angry at a dud battery as I was which in a weird way would have calmed me down.

I dealt with my Deployment Wall like any self-respecting Navy Wife does. I put on my big girl panties, dove right in, fixed it all, and then laughed in the face of it!!!


No, I didn’t. I ordered pizza and hot wings. I fell into a mini-food coma, and then drove out to the store for big ole bottle of Dr. Pepper. Laugh if you will, but as heavy as my pepperoni-stuffed belly feels right now, I pretty sure tomorrow I’m going to conquer the world!

And if not, I still have Dominoes on speed dial.


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