BIG Plans for New Year’s Eve!

My girls and I will be celebrating New Year’s Eve at home this year … without our favorite sailor, but I still want it to be fun and silly and most of all … memorable! Some of my favorite Mommy Moments start with one of my kids saying, “Hey, Mom! Do you remember that time …?”  Those are the rare moments when I feel like I’m really doing this Mom-thing right!

Anywho … because I love to make those memories and because I’m a planner … I’ve been scouring the internet via Pinterest for a few great New Year’s Eve celebration ideas so we can ring in the new year with nothing but smiles and laughs. Here are a few pins that on my “must-do” list for the evening!



I love the idea of an activity for each hour leading up to the new year! I’m borrowing a few of their ideas, but I also want to add in a couple of my own!

For instance, I think our activities will begin with crafting our own decorations, and these awesome ideas will play a great big part in our New Year’s Eve decor!


(Balloons, Banners, and Big Numbers)

Another timely activity will be a Family Time Capsule and a little bit of New Year’s Goal Setting! I found some great ideas here and here for keeping this part simple yet fun!

And, of course, the food! New Year’s Eve party food should be fun and delicious and have nothing to do with all those weight loss Pins I keep seeing lately! After a quick survey, I think appetizers for dinner will be the theme, and so far suggestions from the kids include mozzarella sticks, hot dogs, and bread sticks … oh and a last-minute veggie … carrots. Okay, so the menu might need a little refining, but I think we’re off to a good start!

How will you be celebrating this year? A quiet night at home? A crazy evening on the town? If you’re still not sure, check out my Happy New Year Pin Board for more great ideas! I’ll be back later this week to share how our Pins evening turned out!

P.S. If you’re working on New Year’s Resolutions, and one just happens to be saving money, check out this post and join in!


3 thoughts on “BIG Plans for New Year’s Eve!”

  1. We’re having a quiet night in with appetizers for dinner, too! But we’ll celebrate around 9:00 and get the kids to bed right after. Otherwise, New Years Day becomes a cranky nightmare. Not a good way to start a new year!


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