For Unto Us a Child is Born

I think … no, I know this is my favorite project ever!

When I was pregnant with Aubrey, I asked my dad to build me a crib.

And he did.

And I loved it sooooo much.

Aubrey slept in it every night until she grew out of it, and when Sydney came along, she slept in it for almost a year until one fateful move when it got broken beyond repair.

Picture me crying like a baby.

Only worse.

I stared at the wrecked crib, and cried. I saved one end of the crib. I figured at some point I could do something to make it special. I had no idea what, but I just needed to keep a piece of it with me.

I went through dozens of ideas in my mind over the years. A table, a wall hanging, a picture frame, the top to a toybox, some shelves. A few times I almost got started but nothing every seemed quite right.

I carried this crib end from Jacksonville, Florida to Kingsland, Georgia to two different homes in Groton, Connecticut and now here to Washington. It’s a well-traveled wood scrap.

Then this year, I saw this pin (which doesn’t link back properly for some reason! sorry!), and I just knew

I think this verse is much more appropriate for the materials and for our family, and it’s so special to me!


I love it soooo much! This will have a place with us at Christmas for many, many years, and I am so happy to have a little piece of my Dad with me throughout the season!


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