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Slap a Bow On It; I’m Done.

With the gift wrapping that is.

After four back-breaking sessions on my bedroom floor, surrounded by colorful paper and curly ribbon, I am done. The wrapping portion of our Christmas festivities is over.

Thank God!

At the beginning of the holidays I get very excited about wrapping presents. I mean, who doesn’t love a beautifully wrapped gift? The colors, the corners, the ribbons so round! It’s beautiful!

And, WOW! If you are on Pinterest (and if you aren’t, what’s your problem?!?), there are some seriously amazing, creative gift wrappers out there!


(Source: here, here, and here)

I get very excited at the very idea of those lovely gifts ending up under my Christmas tree!

Of course, they never do. See, I love the very idea of beautifully wrapped presents; I hate the actual wrapping part. Well, I like that first present. For the first gift, or maybe even two, I make careful folds and razor corners, and I use the cutest handwriting for those beautiful tags from Santa. Then, after spending ten minutes on just one, I glance over at the stack of presents waiting for the same treatment, and I remember just how much I hate wrapping.

This is the point when I usually give up and go poor myself a stiff drink. Then I procrastinate for the rest of the season, putting the wrapping off until I have so little time left that I have no choice but to slap some pretty paper on this gift and a shiny bag on that one. At least they’re all wrapped, right? It may be 11:49 on Christmas Eve … I may have ten more left to “wrap” … I may be groggy in the morning and wistful about those lovely gifts I saw on Pinterest, but I have no choice right now, right?

Luckily, this year I realized how much I hate wrapping early on. This year I decided to space it out – a small stack this weekend and a small stack next, never more than 30 or 45 minutes of wrapping at a time, and guess what? It worked! I mean, it worked in the sense that it’s December 22nd, and I’m happily done with the gift wrapping. This year at midnight on Christmas Eve, there’ll be visions of sugar plums dancing in MY head!

And what will my kids see on Christmas morning? Well the same slapped on paper and bags, but next to that they’ll see a happy, well-rested Mom.

Perhaps I’ll slap a nice round bow on my head just for good measure! πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Slap a Bow On It; I’m Done.”

  1. At less than one week until Christmas I had wrapped NOT ONE SINGLE THING because I hate it -HATE IT so, so much. I was starting to panic, but then my hubby took a day off work to stay home and wrap everything for me. I’m considering it my Christmas miracle for the year,and if I get nothing else, I will still be happy. Also, we made the executive decision that gifts from us get wrapped, but Santa gifts do not. It was a huge relief πŸ˜‰


    1. THAT is a Christmas gift in and of itself! WOW! If my husband did that (I say “if” … he would NEVER!), either everything would be in bags (possibly Wal-Mart bags) or some volunteers would get the donation of a lifetime at one of those gift wrapping fundraisers! lol


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