The Best Laid Plans …

You know how the rest of that quote goes, right? Well, mine have gone to crap.

I had plans, BIG plans, to simplify this holiday season. Did you read about them here? Yeah … well … some of them worked great! Some of them … well … went to crap.

Starting early helped. We did write letters to Santa earlier than usual. That was a fun way to start the season off! But … here it is December 16th, and I still not 100% done settling things up with Santa. I’m mostly done … almost there … just a few things and some stocking stuffers left to buy, but my “early December” deadline became December 14th and then December 16th and now I just want to get it all done and wrapped before Christmas morning!

And that was just the beginning of my fail.

I tried to stick to the four gift rule. That didn’t last long though. I got some amazing deals on clothes (which growing kids always need anyways, right?). That pretty much blew the rule before I even bought the toys and books that my kids had asked for. Then because I like to keep things pretty even between the kids, well, buy for one  buy for all, right? Long story short, four gifts is a distant memory. On the upside I will get that great picture I always love of the tree surrounded by gifts.

Holiday cards DID work well. I didn’t send out as many as I had expected, but I did get them sent. Crossing that off the list makes me very happy! The cards I have received this year and displayed on my new corkboard-photo-wallart-thing. Love!

An unfinished project in my house … who’s shocked?

As for “choosing traditions and fun more carefully” and “cutting that list like Edward Scissorhands,” what cuts I didn’t make, being sick and/or having sick kiddoes and Aubrey’s new swim schedule have made for us. I’ve missed two events due to colds and flu bugs, and almost anything during the week is out of the question. No worries though! We’re making the most of our weekends and really looking for to Christmas break!

And as for “slooowing down” … yeah … no. Lost time due to the sick-kid and sick-me days has been the only down time I’m allowed, and now … as you read above … I am behind. Totally behind. Hoping to be done in time for the big day behind.

SO yeah … “the best laid plans of mice and men?

Here at Back on Land, it’s more like “you win some, you lose some.


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