That's Navy Life

Five Things

I haven’t posted a Five Things list in quite a while. In fact, I haven’t posted anything is quite a while. It’s not that I haven’t tried; I have! It just seems that nothing is coming out quite the way I want it to … and hasn’t for a long time. I have Writer’s Block. It’s bad. Like several months long bad.

So today I’m taking the advice of a lovely teacher I once knew and just writing. Good, bad, or ugly, sometimes you just have to start somewhere, and my somewhere is a Five Things List. Since I’ve already blathered for 100 words about not being able to write, today’s Five Things are …

Five Things I WANT to Write … But Can’t Seem to Find the Right Words

  1. My New Year’s Resolution That I Don’t Want to Call a Resolution Because I Suck at Those
  2. Just How Badly Holidays During Patrols Suck
  3. How to Make Holidays During Patrols Suck Less
  4. My Insane Desire to Have My House Move-Out Ready Before the New Year (When a Move is NOWHERE on the Horizon)
  5. I Worry All the Time … Like How I Worry When I am NOT STRESSED ENOUGH About the Upcoming Holday

So there … five things. It isn’t witty. It isn’t my best work. But it’s a start, right?


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