Simplifying Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards.

I love mailing them to others, and I love receiving one or two in the mail each day during the holidays. I love colorful picture fronts and sweet sentiments inside, and I love seeing photos of family and friends from coast to coast. I love coming up with creative ways to display them (I’m planning something like this this year), and I love saving them from year to year to look at over and over.

However mailing Christmas cards is very often the first Christmas activity on the chopping block when I’m the middle of the Christmas hustle and bustle. Last year I just gave up, and I have regretted it ever since. The problem is I want them to be perfect. The perfect family photo in the perfect Christmas card. Perfectly handwritten addresses with special Christmas stamps. I don’t even know why this is important to me because perfection certainly isn’t my schtick, but it’s what I have struggled with every year, and I usually struggle with it until I eventually give up.

Well, NO MORE!

This year I had a friend take a few shots of our family after dinner one evening. Four out of five of us aren’t wearing shoes, and a certain teenager isn’t even wearing socks. We are all crowded onto the love seat, and as beautiful as I think my family is, I look a hot mess! It took FIVE shots to get all of us looking into the camera, and in the winning shot? Well … I’ll post the photo later, but let’s just say Alli’s true personality really shines though.

It isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect

To further simplify things, I uploaded my photo and ordered cards through Wal-Mart because the designs were cute, and it was pretty cheap (around $16 bucks for 40 cards). I didn’t stress over it wondering which design was perfect; I picked the first one that looked fun. They were ready in one hour. What could be easier?

Later, I printed some cute return address labels on special paper I already had on hand, and I addressed them over the course of a several days, a few minutes here and a few there, and now with the exception of a few stamps and perhaps a few more addresses as I think of them, I am DONE!

Why, oh why, did I ever stress about this in the past? I can’t describe how happy I feel to see that basket of cards sitting there, READY, and waiting to be mailed! It feels so good. It will feel even better when I pop them all in the mailbox the day after Thanksgiving (a goal I don’t think I’ve EVER met before).

It also feels good to have checked yet one more stressor off my list before the Christmas season even begins! Between the Santa letters and easy shopping and now Christmas cards in the bag, I may actually relax and enjoy this season after all!



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