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He deploys, and I make a life back on land.

Three (Blank) Miles


I ran outside today for the very first time since I hurt my knee in April. I was worried. Morale is big for me, and I knew that if I did it, I’d feel great! I also knew that if I couldn’t finish three miles today … getting to the gym and on the track would be even harder.

But today I ran

Three LONG miles … What I once ran in 32 minutes, today took me 51 minutes and five seconds. My longest time ever.

Three SORE miles … What once made my heart sing, today ached every step of the way. There were also a few painful minutes at the end. Ice and ibuprofen are my friends.

Three COLD miles … I haven’t run outside in seven months. I missed all the warm beautiful running months in Washington.

Three PROUD miles … I’ll be honest. There were moments in all the physical therapy when I questioned if my knees would ever take this pounding again. There were one or two moments when I questioned it today. But they took it. I walked the last lap, but I finished today …

Three AMAZING miles!


3 thoughts on “Three (Blank) Miles

  1. Good for you!!!! I think you know my philosophy – run, walk, crawl, whatever gets you there! I’m glad you’re back at it!


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