Finished Bucket List: Corn Mazes & Pumpkin Patches

Earlier this month, I shared my own Fall Bucket List. I kept it short and simple (due to crazy back-to-school schedules), and I’m so glad I did! Each part was a lot of fun, but I didn’t feel any pressure to jam-pack already jam-packed schedules. This weekend we checked the last activity off the list! Of course, in the middle of the back-to-school busy-ness and the Fall Fun, I haven’t had much time to blog about it all so I’m declaring the next few posts a fall-filled blog catch-up!

Last week, we did my corn maze goal up right by visiting not one, not two, but THREE farms!

We started at Minder Farms for a fun corn maze! Alli lead us all for a while … which is probably why we found the check-in points in reverse order. Luckily, Josh took over after a bit, and we did actually find all of the punches and make it out of the corn maze.

corn maze 13

The pumpkin patch there left a little to be desired so after enjoying the maze and the amazing smells of kettle corn, we headed over to Pheasant Fields Farm to find a giant carving pumpkin …

Pumpkin 13

… and play with the apple sling shot! That was new to all of us, and we had a blast!

apple sling shot

Alli ventured over to Scandia Farms for a fun field trip with her preschool class. (You can read here how I didn’t get to make this trip. Fail.) I don’t have any pictures (sad…), but she did bring home and paint a super cute pumpkin which has since joined our little pumpkin patch!

I know I always joke about how much I love making lists (I do) and how much I enjoy checking things off those lists ( I really really do), but I think the best part of checking corn maze off my list is that our family did together. It was a beautiful fun afternoon that we’ll all remember for a very long time …

(But the list-checking-off part isn’t so bad either!)


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