5 Things

5 Things

I haven’t posted my 5 things is a while. Not because I haven’t been crazy excited, but simply because I’ve been crazy busy! Today I’m still busy (and still crazy), but I feel the need to share some crazy exciting things going on this week!

  1. God answers prayers! Ha! Okay this isn’t a religious blog, and I don’t post about religious topics EVER. I just want to say sometimes when you ask a question of Him, you get a CRYSTAL CLEAR answer. No joke.
  2. There are only TWO regular season swim meets and one HUGE invitational meet left in the high school season which is exciting because they are so much fun (two of the three happen this week!) but also a little sad because the season is almost over. Luckily we may have found the perfect club option for Aubrey which means swim never ends! YAY! No, wait …
  3. Trunk or Treat!!! This week my family will be joining lots of other families in the Trunk or Treat fun on base! I have a giant spider and three bags of webs to spook up my TRUNK and a couple of kids who are super excited about TREATS!
  4. New goals … You know me and how I looooove a good goal, right? Well I’m jumping on the weight-loss bandwagon! AGAIN! Yay … I’m start a weight-loss challenge with a few friends today, and I have committed to running a 5k in November so this girl has got to get moving. I don’t have a number goal in my head though. This time my goal is simply to look good in my jeans again … no wait, I want to look good in NEWER, SMALLER jeans!
  5. Blogging about the rest of my Fall Bucket list! More posts coming this week! WOOHOO!

That’s it! Anyone else crazy excited about something this week?


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