Navy Brats

Not a Complete Fail

Today didn’t start well.

I woke up at the lovely hour of 2:19 AM in a frenzy. All at once in the dark and without the aid of coffee, my bleary brain screamed at me, “You didn’t wash the dishes!!! You’ve forgotten to turn in your badge form!!! You scheduled a meeting at the Junior High at the same time as the preschool field trip!!!”

In other words … fail, fail, fail.

I honestly laid awake for almost an hour trying to work it all out in my head. I had almost convinced myself to get up … yes, at 2:30 AM … to wash the dishes and fill out the form. I changed my mind only when I realized I’d probably make enough noise to wake Alli up …

Even in my sleep-crazed state, I knew that would be a fail.

When I dropped Alli off at preschool, even though I’d tried to explain why I couldn’t go to the Pumpkin Patch with her, she still kept asking, “Why can’t I ride to the field trip with you, Mommy?”

Total fail.

I forgot to thaw chicken for the chicken soup I’d promised my sniffly husband and then realized I didn’t have any chicken stock anyways. I snuck into my bedroom to read for a few minutes and ended up falling asleep and missing the “Can you pick me up from practice early?” text from Aubrey.

Fail, fail, fail.

To say Friday wasn’t going so well would be … well … a fail.

We ate dinner out, and it was delicious, but conversation turned to missed school assignments and grades that need a little helium … sigh … I was ready to chalk this day up to not-so-great, but then came bedtime.

Alli wiggled downstairs in ice cream pajamas, hopped up in my lap, and said, “I’m ready for bed!” with a trademark Alli-giggle. I walked her up the stairs, tucked her in, and read Sleeping Beauty. I did all the voices. It was good.

As I stood up to leave, Alli pulled the book we’d just finished right out of my hands and said …

“I like this one. I think I’ll just keep this one in my bed tonight.”

Yeah, I’m calling today a win.


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