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Finished Bucket List: Fall Fest

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Earlier this month, I shared my own Fall Bucket List. I kept it short and simple (due to crazy back-to-school schedules), and I’m so glad I did! Each part was a lot of fun, but I didn’t fill any pressure to jam-pack already jam-packed schedules. This weekend we checked the last activity off the list! Of course, in the middle of the back-to-school busy-ness and the Fall Fun, I haven’t had much time to blog about it all so I’m declaring the next few posts a fall-filled blog catch-up!

Early in September my friend, Judy, was telling me about a party she was headed to that weekend, a Fall Fest. I thought she meant a town event or a church party. When she corrected me, telling me that the Fall Fest was just big fun party at someone’s house, my jaw hit the floor! A Fall Fest is a huge party, right? A Fall Fest is at a school or some other big venue, right? Normal average people can’t have a Fall Fest at their houses, can they? Well apparently they can, and right then I decided I need to have a Fall Fest, too!

My Fall Fest coincided PERFECTLY with my goal to “enjoy one last fire and s’mores with friends.” So I invited over a few friends for a fun potluck and started planning and decorating!

This is the extent of my "decorating"

This is the extent of my “decorating” …lol

My lovely husband actually helped me choose the best Fall Fest menu EVER: Crockpot beef stew and grilled cheese sandwiches! YUM! I wish I had a picture of all of us scarfing it, but it went pretty quick. Plus my own hands were pretty busy with a big bowl of stew, too, so …

Rain dampened a few of my party plans (sad face when I think of the scavenger hunt I worked so hard on), but we still had time and a dry place on the front porch for painting pumpkins and bobbing for apples!

bobbing for apples

And thanks to the rain stopping for an hour or so, towels on the outdoor seats, and my super sweet husband, I actually got to have one last fire and s’mores! YAY!



I had so much fun, and after my first Fest was over, I could only count my blessings to have such wonderful friends to celebrate Fall with! That makes crossing activities off the Bucket List even better!



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