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How to Get a Three Year Old to Clean Their Bedroom

Yesterday I mentioned making a system to teach Alli to clean her room, and

today I’m ready to share it!

First, this idea came straight from my artsy, crafty, super Mom friend, Meaghan.

All kudos go to her!

Second, we’ve been using this system for over a week now, and it works!

Cleaning Chart

This chart is so easy, I’m ashamed that I didn’t have one for Aubrey & Sydney when they were little!

The backing is made out of poster board and construction paper in the colors I hope to decorate the room in. I also added contact paper to make it last longer.

Alli and I chose pictures from Microsoft Word to represent the categories of toys (to match the zones as well) and printed two of each. One set went on the backing board before the contact paper went on. The second set got laminated.

Second set

Then I just added adhesive Velcro and a little ziploc bag.

Now, once a week we put all the pictures in the bag. Alli draws a picture and puts all of those toys where they belong.

Once all the pictures are up on the board, she’s done and SO PROUD OF HERSELF!

(And I secretly do a happy I-didn’t-have-to-clean-it dance in my head!)

How do you get your kids to clean their rooms? Or do you just close the door and pray company never peeks in?


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