First Steps to a Big Girl Bedroom

A few weeks ago I decided I’d had ENOUGH of Alli’s crazy, disorganized bedroom. I was tired of stepping on toys when I put her to bed each night, sick of hearing, “Mommy, can you find my (insert toy here),” and through with finding clean dirty clothes of unknown cleanliness on the floor and washing or re-washing them over and over.

I was sick of THIS:


The problem with Alli’s room is that it’s tiny. At just 11 feet by 10 feet it is the smallest of all the bedrooms by far, and when you subtract the closet from that area (about 5 feet by 2+ feet), add in a toddler bed, a changing table, a small bookcase, and random baskets and totes of toys, you get … well, you get what you see in the photo above. A big, hot, headache-inducing mess.

Secondary to the space issues is the fact that this room was decorated two and half years ago for a sweet little baby. Back then Alli had a few large toys and a small amount of soft lovies. I kept it all corralled on the open shelves of the changing table and a single pink and green storage basket. Done! But over time as more and more toys made their way into her room, there was nowhere to put them. I added the aforementioned random baskets and totes as a stop-gap, but it didn’t really work. (Again, see the photo above.)

So I dove right in and decided to think outside the box of Alli’s tiny room, and I still can’t believe the difference!

Step One: Remove everything from the bottom of the closet (plastic storage drawers, her crib rail, and changing table pad), remove the closet doors, and then slide Alli’s bed inside. You read that right. I put my baby’s bed in a closet!


Before her bed took up nearly a third of the width of the room. Now the largest part of her room is available for PLAY! (In my head I see a sweet little curtain across the top of the closet to frame her in like a proper princess!)

Step Two: Zone design!

I created five distinct areas in her room to encompass ALL the toys: Kitchen, Dress-Up, Toys & Games (aka Things That Have Small Parts and Require Bins), Reading, and Clothing. Everything, and I do mean everything, has a place in Alli’s room now. (That’s not to say it STAYS in that place, but we’re working on that, too.)


This little white bookshelf was mine as a child and has lived in every room in every house I’ve lived in as an adult. It’s been painted time and again, but I think we’re going to give it one more life for my Alli girl!


The crib rail was my idea for hanging costumes, but if/when I ditch the crib and changing table that will have to go, too. So now I’m looking for a new dress-up area solution.

Step Three: Step back and enjoy an organized room! Look at all that play space!!!

The transformation is FAR from complete! Over the next few months, I hope to finish many more projects in Alli’s room including:

  1. Make a system to teach Alli to clean her own room
  2. Ditch the crib and create a built-in bed in the closet
  3. Make a better Clothing area solution. Right now her folding clothes are in a small plastic drawer set that works but is U-G-L-Y. Also having her hanging clothes hanging over her head at night is not a long-term solution. It leads to someone (cough-cough-butthead-cough) pulling their clothes down FORCEFULLY and breaking hangers …
  4. Find something (a bookcase? an armoire?) to house the Toys and Games so I can ditch the changing table as well as the crib.
  5. Repaint the old bookcase and figure out a better way to store her books.
  6. Add some lighting and a fun area rug.
  7. Overall change the colors and deco up to bring it up to little girl instead of baby girl! 🙂

I created a Pinterest Board for Alli’s Bedroom Makeover!

Follow me on Pinterest and send me your ideas, too!


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