Five SPOOKY-FUN Things

I didn’t get to my 5 Things list yesterday. I was too busy trying to focus on other things.

So today, in honor of the crazy fun month ahead, I’m posting …

5 things october

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday, but Halloween is a close second. I love spooky things, haunted houses, colorful costumes and scary make-up! So here are my 5 Things for October!

  1. Spookifying my house! Sadly, last year the lovely Washington weather (read: soggy, dreariness) ruined quite a bit of my Halloween stash. My favorite headstone crumbled. My Goth-tini glasses cracked, and by the end of the month, my creepy cloth smelled as creepy as it looked. So this October, I’m trying to come up with decorations that either a) won’t succumb to the rain or b) cost so little that I won’t care either way.
  2. Getting the CRAP scared out of me (hopefully) at a few Haunted Houses! I have two haunted trips on the books for this month, and I’m hoping for some true frights!!!
  3. Halloween costumes! I try to make my kids’ costumes each year, and this year they’ve given me some real challenges! I have a Zombie Fairy, a Ninja, and ballerina/princess/witch/ghost/making-hers-last-to-be-sure to get to stitchin’!
  4. Pumpkin patches and Corn mazes! These are on my Fall Bucket List as well, and waiting until October just adds to the fun! Alli’s class has a cute field trip planned, but I’m still searching for the perfect patch for a family trip as well!
  5. Crafts. Yes, CRAFTS! I’ve pinned a few fun DIY projects on my Halloween Pinterest board so hopefully I’ll have a few cool things to share! (At the very least I’ll happy funny yet crappy Pinterest-fails to share, right?)

So what are you excited about this month? Got any Pins to recommend? Any costume ideas for me?


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