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I came across a quote this morning that immediately struck me with its simple logic.

“Focus on what’s important; ignore the rest.”

Sometimes you just know when something is going to be important to you, right? This seemed pretty important. The more I thought about the words, the more they seemed to resonate with me. I came over here to WordPress to put my thoughts on paper, and I began to type.

Words, words, words. Delete. Type. Highlight. Italicize. Type, type, type. It was going pretty well. A little funny. Good. A little thought-provoking. Good. I like it; I like it. I was halfway to self-fiving myself when I realized … 

While I was typing and self-fiving, Sydney had left for school. I never stopped typing, never turned around, while my beautiful daughter hugged my back and walked out the door on a stormy Monday morning. How often do I do this? I don’t know. Once is too often, I think, and I did it once today. Fail.

So I turned around and spent the next half-hour chatting with Aubrey. We talked about swim practice and an upcoming meet. She told me about her brine shrimp. They are growing yet. I couldn’t tell if this bothered her or not, but it was nice just chatting with her.

After she left, I turned back to the computer and deleted all my “funny” and “thought-provoking” words. It was crap. It wasn’t real. Turning my back on Sydney was real. Feeling like an ass about it was real. Realizing it and changing the behavior at least with Aubrey was real. And important. They are what is the most real and important in my life, and they are what I want to focus on every single day. I don’t want to lose anymore of those moments in the morning. I refuse to lose anymore of those moments in the morning.

When Alli came down for the morning, Charlie Brown-running through the kitchen, I stopped. I turned. I hugged her. For a long time. I ignored my screen until she had her morning milk and we had chatted a bit (as much as you chat with a three year old).

This is real; this is important. And this is exactly where my focus should be.



2 thoughts on “Focus”

  1. Great post. Sometimes we do need to slow down and focus on what is important. I know I’m guilty of not doing this when I should.


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