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5 Things This Week

5 Things

  1. The gym! Yes, I am excited about going to the gym. Three sessions of bicycling, crazy slow jogging, and leg presses are my number one goal for the week! It’s mostly still rehab at this point, but I am desperately hoping for this to become a healthy habit for me!
  2. Fall has ARRIVED in Washington … which means dreary skies and misty rain for the next few months. Am I crazy excited about this? No, not really, but I am challenging myself this year WIN the Battle of the Blahs.. This week I believe I shall look for the cutest rubber boots my Alli-girl has ever seen. How better to get rid of the blahs than by seeing a three year old splash around in festive Wellies?!?
  3. Pardon me as I compose myself before I say this but … COLLEGE NIGHT! Yes, my oldest, my firstborn, my sweet Aubrey gets to participate in her first College Night this week, and meet with and learn about some local colleges! I’m super excited for her, but for me all I can do is take a deep breath and try not to count the gray hairs …
  4. I have a new job! Well, it’s actually more like a new challenge (’cause I sure ain’t getting paid), and I’m really excited. Normally I would pretend I’m too cool for school and that it’s no big thing. This time I’ve decided to let my inner-nerd SHINE! I’ll be back later this week to share, but in the meantime just know that I am wearing the BIGGEST NERDIEST GRIN right now!
  5. Port Gamble Old Mill Days! It’s another local event that I have missed or skipped year after year, and this year I’m going come hell or high water!

Those are my 5 Things! What are you crazy excited about this week?



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