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September Grocery Challenge – Week 4

As a reminder …

The strategies am I trying out this month include:

  1. Weekly meal planning and shopping
  2. Recipes with just a few ingredients
  3. One meatless meal per week
  4. One weekly throwaway meal (a meal that I don’t have to “cook” but keeps us away from McD’s)
  5. Coupons

My Grocery Challenge goal for the month is to spend only $100 per week on groceries. This amount will include ALL our groceries and food EXCEPT Josh’s lunches. 



I started the week with a budget fail ($25 over budget after coupons). Then a busy week hit, and we ate McDonald’s once and ordered pizza once as well (although I have a hard time calling the pizza night a fail because YUM!). On top of that I also had to run out ran out for “just a few things” multiple times. So yeah, FAIL.

The only wins of the week were having more coupons than usual and somehow using much less milk. Normally we drink 6 gallons a week, and this week I had a whole gallon left!


This week’s menu looks something like this:

  1. Taco Soup
  2. Pineapple/BBQ sausage, mac & cheese, & veg
  3. Chicken parm sandwiches and fries
  4. Italian Herb chicken legs, rice, & veg
  5. Pasta & garlic bread
  6. Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, & veg
  7. Pizza

(I’m taking one commenter’s suggestion and just planning seven meals since we never stick to the Sunday – Saturday order I plan anyways. I bought fresh & frozen veggies; I’ll decide what to prepare when I decide what meal we’re eating.)

Breakfasts will be eggs and bacon or pancakes (on the weekends) and cereal or mini-bagels (during the week).

Lunch choices will be turkey or ham wraps or homemade peanut butter & honey uncrustables; apples or grapes ; and cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, or grape tomatoes; peanuts or almonds; and some kind of crackers. (Our lunches are GROWING! My super swimmer needs a ton ore calories on swim days!)

This week I am determined to stick with the meal plan and stay AWAY from fast food and takeout pizza. I definitely felt those extra heavy meals and not just in the budget. The day after Mickey D’s I woke up feeling crummy, and I know it was because of what I ate. Back to the meal plan for me!

Also I’m already over-budget for the week. I spent about $115, but here’s what. I’ve checked and re-checked my list and stressed about it, and then my husband said something so simple and so right. $100 isn’t enough for us. Plain and simple. Because I buy so much fresh produce and so much milk, because I make all our meals (except his lunches) at home, I just need to re-think that amount. Throughout the week, I’ll put more thought into and likely change my goal for October. More on that next week!

Any other suggestions for my budget woes?



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