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5 Things This Week

5 Things

  1. This weekend Alli re-discovered the felt playhouse I made for her two Christmases ago! I had to make some repairs to its frame, but for about five bucks, I made a certain little princess very happy!
  2. Speaking of my littlest princess … today is her first day of school! She has only asked “how many more days?” 347 times since the big girls started school last week.She will be in the three-year-old class this year which means 3 hours/3 days per week. I don’t know who’s more excited: her or me! (Just kidding. It’s ME!)
  3. This week I’m working on my Fall Bucket List by making plans for a little Fall-inspired get together with some old friends. My crazy smart husband suggested serving beef stew and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner that night, and I immediately started drooling! I can’t wait!
  4. Aubrey has her first swim meet of the season later this week, and I am so totally excited! I was never into organized sports in school and always had a pretty blase’ attitude about them, but swim meets are AWESOME! I videotaped each one for Josh last year, and we had to watch them on MUTE because I yelled myself hoarse each and every week! (Must remember to buy some cough drops ahead of time this year!)
  5. Finally, on Friday I will celebrate pinning with my husband and five brand new Chief Selects. I remember the year Josh was promoted to Chief Petty Officer like it was yesterday. It was exciting and exhausting, and I was so crazy proud of him! It’s so wonderful to share this with the new Chiefs and their families every year!

Those are my 5 Things! What are you crazy excited about this week?

P.S. I started a Pinterest Board for all things Fall! Follow me on Pinterest and send me your favorite Fall pins! And don’t forget to weigh in on my Dining Room Makeover options! 🙂


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