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Meet Sydney

I’m linking up today with Mama Kat for her …


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1. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…how is your child just like you?

So … meet Sydney.


She’s my was-the-baby-for-nine-years-but-now-the-middle-child. She looks a lot like her dad and her Grandma, but on the inside she’s all mine.


Sydney can fall asleep anywhere at anytime; this is effective in avoiding chores, homework, or her little sister. On the other hand, she pulled her first all-nighter when she was 8 years old.  (There was a chocolate milkshake involved, but I really believe it was my half of the genes showing some dominance.)

Sydney loooooves to read. We literally have to MAKE her put her books down sometimes. (Which I hate to do. Sydney was a latecomer to the whole reading-is-awesome gang, but I insist if it’s too dark or getting too late.)

Sydney has ALWAYS had an imagination that even I envy, and I’m pretty okay in that department, too. When she was very little she invented an entire world inside an imaginary castle in her bedroom. She would tell us loooong stories about the King (who was a vampire) and Queen (who was part spider and thus had thousands of babies at a time … poor thing) and how she had to help change all those diapers and feed all those babies. This kingdom was named, Bahavia, and supplied us with crazy stories for years!

Another time she collected a backpack full of rocks, plain ordinary rocks, and she proceeded to play with this “community” for weeks! She would lay them all out in the carport (after a long tantrum about having to leave her “friends” outside) in neighborhoods. There was a family, of course, but also a mailman, a school with teachers, and a “grocery guy.”

Sydney is also very easily amused. When she was four I made her a simple cat costume out of a black sweatsuit. I couldn’t find black fur for her belly and tail so I sewed on purple instead. All she did all night long was twirl that tail and ask everyone to “Rub my belly!” We had to remind her at each and every house to walk up for candy. The furry belly and swingy tail were more than enough for her.

Her patience is short, but she gives smiles as easily as she breathes. She gets giddy over the littlest thing and can remain that way until the next little thing comes along. She is quick with hugs. She likes tiny things and tiny bags and boxes to put them in.

She is my growing-too-quickly mini-me.



5 thoughts on “Meet Sydney”

    1. It’s definitely exciting to watch their personalities come out. My oldest is my husband 100& (except she has a silly streak that’s all me). My youngest? Heaven help us! She’s a big ole mix of all four of us! 🙂


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