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Halfway Box Challenge: Date Night

As I mentioned here, I didn’t exactly forget about my August Halfway Box.
We have quiet enjoyed it actually!

I just forgot to take pictures when it was all full and pretty. Boo.

Halfway Box Challenge: Date Night

I will, however, tell you ALL about it and let you use your imagination!

This month’s halfway box challenge theme was DATE NIGHT!

I got the idea because while Josh is gone, I have a great time picking out date night activities for when he comes home.

I thought a box full of that kind of stuff would give him a little kick, too!

I wrapped the box in black paper and used a black silky wrap for the filler. ‘Cause you know .. black is sexy … I guess.

I taped a little note on top for him to read that challenged him to come up with his idea of the perfect date before he came home. (Of course this box didn’t go out to sea so he never actually got the challenge. I may have to recreate this just to see what he comes up with.)

Inside the box, I added:

  1. Six large envelopes with all the details of awesome date nights we can enjoy when he comes home.
  2. Four small envelopes with love letters for my love.
  3. A photo album filled only with pictures of us! (I really had to stretch for this one because I usually have the camera pointed AWAY from me!)
  4. A bag of Hershey’s hugs and kisses.
  5. A perfume card with my favorite scent sprayed on. In the box, this would be sealed in a ziploc to a – keep the scent longer and b – avoid annoying others with what may not be their favorite scent. (Can you imagine if everyone guy in a bunkroom had his wife’s favorite scent wafting about? Yuck.)

Our date nights included a couple of fun Groupons, tickets to a concert, a giftcard for a nice restaurant we’ve never been to, a movie night, and an invite to a sunset picnic on the beach.

And it definitely wasn’t cheap (which is my #1 rule about Halfway Boxes – Don’t spend crazy money!). However, the money spent was a) more out of a date night budget than a halfway box budget and b) money well-spent because spending time with someone you love is PRICELESS, right? 🙂

Anywho, that’s what I did in August. I promise to do better and post actual pictures in September. I have a couple of ideas brewing, but if you don’t see anything in a couple of weeks start prodding me to get it done!

So what will your next Halfway Box have inside? Are you planning already? Have a theme you’d care to share?

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