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5 Things I Like About September

My first 5 Things was such a great help in getting me excited for Back to School! I really enjoyed taking that moment in time to see the positive, and if I got a little down about leaving summer behind I could just click back over and read it again!

Well, I’m not dreading September, but I am DEFINITELY not looking forward to the rainy season season in Washington (you know … October through June). Instead of focusing on that I’m focusing on a new 5 Things:

5 Things I Like About September

  1. Cheap notebooks. I’m a notebook junky, and when they go on sale for 5 or 10/$1, I go nuts and buy at least five bucks worth. It might get me through until Spring …
  2. It’s COMPASS season again! COMPASS is a spouse-to-spouse mentoring program for Navy spouses to learn and grow in the military! This will be my third year as a COMPASS mentor, and I can’t wait to dive into some new classes!
  3. It’s almost time for the Khaki Ball! Every year in mid-September, Josh and I get all gussied up and head to the Ball to welcome all the year’s new Chiefs into the Goatlocker! I am certainly a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but once or twice a year I LOVE getting all dressed up with my man!!!
  4. SWIM MEETS! Aubrey swims for the high school swim team, and it’s so exciting! I’m NOT a sportsfan, but when my girl is swimming I go NUTS!!!
  5. Fall Fest … okay it’s not really a fest, but I’m planning to  have some old friends over for a fun “Hello, Fall!” kind of get-together!

What are you looking forward to in September? Any big events or birthdays? 


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