Fall is Coming

This weekend we invited some great friends over for dinner! All of our kids get along really well, and the mom is just the best! (Dad is awesome, too, but he couldn’t be here with us. 🙂 ) It was wonderful!

… but then I had to put a sweater on to sit on the deck.

Later Josh got busy splitting logs and made our little firepit blaze! I love a good backyard fire like almost nothing else in summer! The smell, the conversations, the s’mores! It was amazing!

… but it was also chilly.

The next morning my youngest slept late so I did, too! Josh was already awake so I reveled in the laziness for a few minutes. I had a new magazine and my tablet on my nightstand. I thought about brewing a pot of coffee so I could bring a mug back into my little nest. Talk about a perfect morning!

… but the windows were open, and it had rained overnight. It was cold.

There’s no denying it. Fall is coming.

School begins here in Washington in just another week or so, and I think Summer took it as a hint. The blackberries along my fence line are already dwindling. The tree in front of my house has that ready-to-change look about it. The pumpkin decor has come out in stores, and I saw a Halloween magazine on the stands yesterday at the grocery store. It’s happening for sure.

I wish I could stop time for a bit! I wish I had some strange magic to stretch these last days into weeks! More sun, more fun! I need more!!!

But I don’t have any magic. All I can do is fill these last days with fun and projects and prepare for the unstoppable Fall. Boo.

So help me, friends. Please! While I’m mourning the end of summer what should I be looking forward to in the Fall?


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