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The Back-to-School Blues

Yep, I got ’em. We are officially less than two weeks from the first day of school, and I am in denial. Two weeks? TWO WEEKS?!? Where did it all go? Didn’t we just celebrate the last day of school a few weeks ago? Wasn’t it just a day or two ago that we set out our big summer plans? Wasn’t the Fourth of July just yesterday?

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had an AH-MAZING summer! We’ve enjoyed plays, an awesome basketball game, a few concerts and one comedian. We made it to the beach and even camped a few times. We visited Seattle, visited with family, and ate a lot of good food. We’ve hit up several Farmer’s Markets, enjoyed many parks, and had lots of great times with great friends. We have truly enjoyed our summer …

But it stills seems like it went too fast, like we should a little more time for fun and lazy and sunshine. Three or four more weeks to stay up later and wake up later. To run out for froyo at 9pm. To eat breakfast at Shari’s at noon. To while away an entire day blowing bubbles and picking blackberries in the back yard.

But we don’t have three weeks or four. We have two, and in those two weeks we also have four back-to-school open houses, five or six swim team practices, one FRG meeting and one fundraiser, and eight doctor’s appointments. We also need to do some clothes shopping and shoe shopping and get a few hair cuts. And then there are the regular chores, a DIY project for Friday, and a small lawn project (that’s already been started so kinda has to be finished soon).

Which all spells, in essence, the end of summer. And it makes me sad. In fact it breaks my heart. I know you can only squeeze so much out of seventy-seven much-too-short days in the summer, but I am simply not ready for it all to be over. I am not ready for early bedtime and earlier wake-ups. I am not ready for schedules and meetings and PTA. I am simply not ready, but what’s a mom to do?

You make the best of the last two weeks! There is still a county fair to enjoy, a hedge maze to wander, a blackberry festival to sample, and another play to watch. I still have evenings to build fires and a basket full of s’mores to share with friends. There is still lemonade and ice cream and even more blackberries to enjoy.

So far we have had the best summer ever, but I still have two weeks left. How much Summer Fun can you fit into two weeks? Give a mom a challenge and you WILL find out!!!


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