Lottery Balls

I really, really want the focus of this blog to be all about my views on being a submariner’s wife. I get butterflies writing about homecomings; I sometimes cry when I write about departures and loneliness. I even laugh at myself when I pen silly stories from my past.

Back on Land IS my Navy-wife-life.

But here’s the thing. My brain works like one of those crazy lottery machines. You see all these white ping pong balls flying around in a tiny enclosed tornado of activity, and then all of a sudden one shoots to the top. Winner!!!

lottery balls


That’s how I think. There are always a million thoughts bouncing around my skull, and every now and then one shoots to the top! And that thought is what I say or write or do at that very moment. My daughter, Aubrey, thinks it’s hilarious when we’re driving down the road trying to choose which super-healthy fast food restaurant to visit for dinner or discussing the next events for the FRG and all of a sudden I shout, “COOKIES! Remind me to Pinterest a recipe for No Bake Cookies for the 4-H bake sale!” and then simply resume our previous conversation like I didn’t just have a crazy-person outburst.

And because I am more than just a Navy wife, because I am a normal mom, friend, and sister just like you, not every idea that pops to the top of my head has an anchor or a yellow ribbon on it. And so not every single post here will be  … hence the Cheap and Green posts and the DIY Friday posts … and a few other categories of posts that will be coming your way soon!

Of course, I’ll still write the other Navy-wife-life posts as they come to me … just gotta wait til they pop to the top!

Lottery Balls2


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