My (Insert State Here) Best Friend

I’m bringing a few of my favorite posts from old blogs over here. If you see a few repeats … well, I hope you enjoy them again. If you’ve never read them, where the heck have you been all this time? 😉

Moving every few years, starting from scratch in a strange state/town/neighborhood, spending weeks searching for just the right school in the right neighborhood, and praying you can find (and afford) a house nearby … there are more than a few drawbacks to being a Navy wife.

One of the worst, though, is leaving behind friends that you’ve created strong bonds with, making new friends in a new place, and knowing that at some point that this friendship, too, will be tested by a long distance move. There’s no other way to describe it than it sucks. But …

Being a Navy wife, moving around the country, and creating relationships in each new home can also be a blessing. As much as I miss my friends faraway, I also count myself quite lucky to have close friends scattered around the country. It’s kind of cool to be able to say that I have friendships “from sea to shining sea.”


Just a few days ago, for instance, I got a surprise package in the mail from my Gerogia Best Friend, Nicole.  I met Nicole twelve years ago when were both new to the whole navy life and waiting tables at Shoney’s. Her husband was making his first patrols, and I had just moved in with my sailor and was raising a one-year-old. We instantly bonded over coffee and cranky customers. We’ve had our share of disagreements and have sometimes gone months without talking, but I always know she’s  there (and boy, I hope she knows the same of me!).

The package contained a coffee mug (of course!) and a ball ornament, both decorated to match the place we met and became friends. It also contained a letter of hello’s and a reminder of many nights spent post-shift swilling coffee and laughing like hyenas at the all-night Waffle House across the street. It was amazing to be reminded of those good ole days, and now every time I pour a cupful into that amazing little mug, I’ll be reminded of the good times there and that amazing girl I shared them with!

I also have two Connecticut Best Friends, Vici and Deanna. Vici was one of the very first people I met when I moved to Connecticut. As my husband and I trudged through the snow unloading our moving truck (with the help of some wonderful new neighbors, including her husband and son), she breezed up in a fabulous red wool coat and shared the best places to buy regular groceries (the commissary) and that the freshest fruits and veggies HAD to be purchased at the Big Y downtown. She was right on both counts, and a lifelong friendship began. Our friendship of now seven years has survived her moving away to Washington and back just in time for me to have a baby and then make my own cross country to move (to Washington no less)!

Deanna, another Connecticut Best Friend, came into my life via my favorite elementary school, Mary Morrisson, and my favorite job ever, teaching dance. We spent countless hours on various PTO activities and events and then even more hours in the dance studio. She was an amazing Dance Mom (nothing like those crazies on TV) and allowed me the pleasure of dancing with her very talented daughter! Deanna is the no-nonsense, hardworking, down-to-earth kind of gal that this world truly needs, and I cannot imagine what my time in Connecticut would have been like without her!

I also have an Ohio-Via-Connecticut Best Friend! Mardi’s husband retired and moved her away from me all the way to Ohio (gee, selfish much?!? lol), but she remains to this day my bestie!  There is no way to describe how much I love this lady who loves her friends more than her pina coladas, is the only person on the planet who understands and shares my obsession with Charlie and Lola, and would (and DID!) drive 8 hours to surprise me at my baby shower!

Sigh …

Yes, being a Navy wife has some downsides, months-long separations from my husband and a sometimes-scary lack of roots just to name a couple, but thank God for the other amazing Navy wives out there who I am so blessed to call my (insert state here) Best Friends!


 P.S. For those amazin’ ladies not listed, please know I love you so very much and agonized over this list, but as my word count crept higher and higher, I knew that keeping it short was the only answer. I love love love each and every wonderful friend I’ve made over the years, and while you may not see your name here, rest assured that you are included in the list in my heart!)


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