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Just Three Months

I’m bringing a few of my favorite posts from old blogs over here. If you see a few repeats … well, I hope you enjoy them again. If you’ve never read them, where the hack have you been all this time? 😉



In three months, a newborn will begin to respond to your voice, grow strong enough to lift their heads, and smile on purpose. It is not the same in pictures as in person.

In three months time falls Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s whether you are together to celebrate or not. In my house, you can almost miss every single person’s birthday in three months.

In three months, you can train the entire Couch to 5k program and rock your first 5k … and email the results to a loved one faraway.

Three months is an entire season. A whole summer, fall, winter, or spring missed.

Three months is first words, first hair cuts, and first heart breaks. It is 90 too quiet evenings, too empty good nights, and too restless sleeps. It is 9 million tearful episodes of “I miss my Daddy.”

It’s the first day of school, of preschool, of swim meets. It’s the quiet morning cups coffee together. It’s every “on my way home. need anything?” text. It’s the missing black boots beside the back door.

It’s just three months.



2 thoughts on “Just Three Months”

  1. I felt our daughter’s first kicks alone & countless ultrasounds. And now I’m watching her grow. She was just a little limp noodle when he left. Now our sweet little lady coos at me, belly laughs, holds he self up during her tummy time, and saw her first roll over.

    There are also some small milestones like I surprised him with our first apartment. How’s that for a welcome home. Many trips home for family reunions and such, I bet people are starting to think my hubs is a fake.


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