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“Beating the Heat” in Washington

I’m linking up again today with what is rapidly becoming one of my favorite challenges of each week, Mama Kat and her Weekly Writer’s Workshop. The topic I chose this week is …

4.) Share your best way to beat the summer heat.

Ummm … I don’t know if you know this, but I live in Washington. Western Washington. So … yeah. There’s really no heat to beat.

In the current 10-day forecast, The Weather Channel predicts 81 degrees as our high. Humidity? Nope. None of that either.

(Don’t hate me, please. I was raised in the Deep South, I spent six scorching summers in Georgia, and I weathered five ice-cold Connecticut winters. I just happen to live here now.)

However a few weeks ago, Washington had its very own “heat wave.” There were weather warnings and everything. Drink plenty of water! Stay out of the sun! Stay cool! Keep an eye on the very young and the elderly!

For three whole days the temperatures topped … 90.

Yes, we had a 90-degree heat wave in Washington state in the summer of 2013.

To be fair most homes here don’t have central air conditioning, many (mine included) aren’t even built for window units. I guess some people’s houses got pretty warm. There were some hot, sweaty, cranky people on Facebook those three days.

I, however, live in a bizarre hole in the earth that never really gets that hot. We did keep our windows open most of the summer. We turned on fans in each bedroom and avoided using the oven (at least that’s the excuse I gave…). I hear people say their upstairs bedrooms got as hot as 90 degrees in the afternoons. I was never bothered enough to look at the thermostat.

There was one afternoon though, the day after the Barenaked Ladies concert, when our house had been all closed up all night and into the afternoon, and it was … warm. Not uncomfortable, but not entirely comfortable either. So I used my ONLY beating-the-heat solution: I invited some friends over with promises of a shady back yard, hot dogs and cold drinks, and a lawn sprinkler and water guns for the kiddoes (or the adults if they were so inclined … I was).

Alli is the heatwave

Sydney in the heatwave

What can I say? It worked.



9 thoughts on ““Beating the Heat” in Washington”

  1. Looks like a great time! I grew up in a house with no ac, and in Kentucky it can get super humid, if not HOT HOT, but it never seemed to bother me then. Now I’m a big wimp about it though, and keep my house icebox cold.


  2. I live in Massachusetts and we just experienced a five-day heat wave along with crazy humidity. I happened to be in Maine for vacation and figured it would be cooler and I could laugh at friends roasting back home. One day, it was hotter in Maine than in Massachusetts. I will never again mock the weather.


  3. So so jealous! Although we’ve been blessed in Oklahoma this year with some drought-breaking spring rains, as of today, we’ve only reached 100 degrees…one time this summer! Woohoo!

    Enjoyed your post,
    Rose 🙂


  4. Here in Pennsylvania, it’s been raining a LOT, so it’s been very muggy. I’m glad that you got to have a “heat wave” so that everyone could enjoy some summer activites! There’s nothing like some squirt guns on a 90* day.


  5. This makes me laugh. I do not handle heat well, but I’ll be the first to admit we really don’t fair so bad compared to Georgia’s scorching summers! My kids are pansies though. The minute we get in the car it’s just UNBEARABLE!


    1. Two out of my three are used to the extremes. My youngest had only ever known this crazy Washington weather so she’s practically afraid of the sun! lol


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