10 Things I Learned in June

So oops … I was supposed to post this and link up last Thursday, on the 4th of July, and I kind of, sort of totally forgot … It was a big day! What can I say? Anywho, here it is, a few days late …

I’m linking up again today with what is rapidly becoming one of my favorite challenges of each week, Mama Kat and her Weekly Writer’s Workshop. The topic I chose this week is …


  1. Despite what New Year’s history tells me, I CAN keep a resolution. In June, I took almost 300 pictures!
  2. People all over the world have seen my blog! Twelve countries!
  3. Yes is good.
  4. There are magic gardens in my hometown.
  5. Pretty much any feelings are normal when my sailor leaves.
  6. I’m not the only one who’s not always strong enough …
  7. … and I’m not the only mom who hides in the bathroom.
  8. Sunsets can be family-time magic.
  9. This Momma’s still got it!!! I totally rocked out at the Barenaked Ladies Concert concert!
  10. I quote my mother-in-law a lot in the summer … “Ignore the clock.” It’s my new summertime motto.

Did you gather any great wisdom in the month of June? Do anything exciting?


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