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My “First” Halfway Box

Okay, it’s not the first halfway box I’ve ever made. It’s just the first one that doesn’t completely suck.

I hate making halfway boxes because while I have good ideas and great intentions, I always wait to the last minute and end up with a random plain box full of photos and candy from the Walgreens on the corner. Booooo!

But for some reason lately I’ve been thinking a lot about halfway boxes. I have a Christmas box completely planned out, and I am simply itching to start a Halloween box filled with both tricks and treats!

So I decided to make halfway box-making a monthly challenge for myself and for the blog. Once a month I will post pictures of my latest themed creation. Some of them may actually make it out-to-sea while some of them will just be a special box my family shares together.  (Thanks, Kate B. for that great idea!) The only rule I follow is that I don’t spend a ton of money of my boxes. (Josh and I both agree on this. Sentimental or silly is better; we prefer to spend our money elsewhere … like the awesome surprise summer road trip mentioned below!)

And here for your viewing pleasure is my “first” halfway box!

4th of July Halfway Box

I went with the 4th for obvious reasons (’cause it’s like … now …).

Included in my box are:

4th of July Halfway Box

  1. A homemade photobook of the girls and me at our 2nd and 3rd of July celebrations (not pictured)
  2. An American flag, of course!
  3. A menu napkin for the 4th of July cookout we’ll have whenever Josh gets home
  4. A printout detailing a surprise summer road trip we’ll be taking soon
  5. A few of our favorite red and blue suckers
  6. Glowsticks, poppers, and some random small fireworks

If you’re wondering how my costs stacked up, it was pretty cheap-o. I already had all the decorating paper and stickers, the menu napkin, and all the fireworks (leftover from last year). I bought the suckers ($3/6) and poppers ($1/6) at Walgreens and the glow sticks were from the dollar store. The photo book only cost a few dollars for photo printing, and we made the book ourselves. There was money involved in the roadtrip plan included, but I already counted that as part of our family vacation budget. So all together this box cost less than 10 bucks!!!

Now if this was going out to sea, it would have to be a little different, of course (no fireworks, more snacks and photos, plus lots of love notes for my sailor), but I changed it up a bit since we’ll be enjoying it as a family!!

So there you have it! My not-really-first, never-going-out-to-sea 4th of July halfway box!!! What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “My “First” Halfway Box”

  1. I love that you are doing this! I always need help because my boxes are well kinda lame. Now I can get ideas and switch it up a bit!


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