Navy Wife Confessions

I have a confession to make …

With Josh out to sea so much, I do a lot of single parenting. Which means it’s me and only me that gets to “enjoy” the brunt of Alli’s questions, ramblings, singing, poop jokes, tantrums, whines, and milk requests. And it’s A LOT. I mean like bang-your-head-on-the-wall a lot. In the car, on the porch, while I’m cooking, … and in the bathroom. When I’m … you know …

Aubrey & Sydney NEVER did this, and I never understood why other kids did it or why mother’s allowed it. (I still don’t know why kids do it, but now I know there are some things toddlers do regardless of what you allow.)

But now, after three years, one month, and twenty-eight days, I have finally taught Alli the idea of privacy and that I need it while I’m in the bathroom. If I’m headed there, I just say, “I’m going potty. I need privacy.” It works, and she waits patiently outside the door, sometimes even losing interest completely and going off to play alone. SCORE!

My confession? Lately, after single-parenting for what seems to be a long long stretch, I’ve been announcing my need for privacy a lot more … like twice as often and for significantly longer periods of time. No, I don’t have some weird potty-related medical issue. I just need a minute to myself!!! Soo … I announce that I need privacy and close my bedroom door.

I have almost finished a potty break novel in the last week. 🙂

(P.S. Conversely if I want the bigger kids to give me a potty break, I just yell, “I’m going in my room and taking off ALL MY CLOTHES!!! They don’t wait patiently. They RUN!)


3 thoughts on “Navy Wife Confessions”

  1. The bathroom is my sanctuary! I do basically the same thing you do – before I go in I announce it, then I take my phone with me and I check email in peace, check Facebook and Twitter in peace, play Candy Crush in peace… It’s lovely there 🙂


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