Willy-Nilly Wednesday

Just a few bits of willy-nilly random-ness on the rainy, dreary, soon-to-be exciting Wednesday. (I’ll share the exciting part very soon …)

  1. Before I ever had coffee (and moments after a frantic bra-less run to the curb for a forgotten trash day), Alli started my day by saying, “Mommy, can I unzip my jammies so I can play if my bellybutton?”
  2. I had a Mom Guilt mini-moment yesterday when Sydney, Alli, and visited a new park … complete with a magical little garden and beach access … because Aubrey wasn’t there. She chose not to go to the Farmer’s Market beforehand so it’s not like she was excluded, but I still felt guilty. Twice I almost cut the visit short because I felt so bad. Mom Guilt sucks …
  3. Although I am the Great and Powerful Plant Killer I bought two new plants yesterday. One, a succulent, is pictured on my Facebook page. The other is a basil plant and makes my kitchen smell AMAZING!
  4. Aubrey and Sydney’s new favorite summer activity is staying up late to watch scary movies on Netflix after I go to bed. It’s about the only time they aren’t fighting so I’m good with it.
  5. My house is still a bit of a wreck from last weekend’s activities. Sleeping bags needs to be washed and rolled. The tent, which spent an extra day laid out across my car in the garage to dry, is piled up in a corner crying out to me to be folded and put away. Each time I walk past the pile I mutter, “You’re on the list, I swear!” Literally.
  6. I often talk to inanimate objects. (Raise your hand if you are shocked. None of you? Hmmm…)
  7. I am in desperate need of summer fun ideas that can happen while it’s raining … please don’t say crafts. I’m just not that kind of mom.
  8. I fell in love with and bought a side table at Goodwill almost a month ago that inspired the “Not a DIY Blog” page on this blog. The poor little thing is still sitting in my garage, uncleaned, unpainted, and unloved. I think she and the pile of tent are becoming friends …
  9. Ever since our trip to the magical garden I have been thinking of how I can make a magical place like that in my back yard   … Pinterest, here I come!
  10. I am not a front porch sitter. (I’ll explain this later in the week. lol)

What’s on your willy-nilly list today? I love love love comments here! Tell me! Tell me! And also …

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5 thoughts on “Willy-Nilly Wednesday”

  1. Rainy day craft-less activities: museums, shopping, cleaning the house, baking, sewing (different than a craft for me), indoor swimming pool (Bangor, YMCA), bowling, make-overs or pedicures (you have 3 girls!), photo shoot at home, rent the goat and watch it through the windows.


    1. RENT THE GOAT!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!! I swear if I have to get a part-time job to pay for I’m having a goat party this summer!!!


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