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Why I Miss My Sailor

So there’s the obvious “I love him,” but there are lots of other reasons, too, that come to me during the day as tiny little reminders that he’s not here. Here are a few:

  • He helps me put on bracelets. I don’t wear them often so when I do it takes forever to get that clasp buckled without him.
  • He takes out the trash. I don’t know why, but I hate this task. I hate doing it. I hate reminding the girls to do it, and I really hate that 6 AM pajama-clad bra-less run to the curb when we all forget.
  • He folds socks. Without complaining.
  • He says silly things that make me laugh. Like every time we drive to his mom’s house and pass a certain sign, he says, “Pomona!” in this crazy Long Island accent.
  • I miss going to the movies. We do this a lot when he’s home so when he’s gone it’s just … different. I haven’t seen a new movies in ages now.
  • He’s the children’s book reader. He will tirelessly read the same 10-page fairytale to Alli seventeen times (while I have a strict 2-time limit).
  • He does laundry on Sundays. All of it. Enough said.

I miss my sailor because he is my friend and my husband and my baby daddy (lol), and I am really ready for him to come home. But … sometimes I think I’m lucky that he goes away because while he’s gone I get to notice all the little things.

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