Summer is here …

I love Christmas and decorations and wrapping paper and Santa Claus. I dig Halloween and it’s costumes and haunted houses, too, but in my eyes nothing holds a candle to summertime.

In the summertime, we can eat outside on the porch almost every single day. I grill burgers and dogs, chicken and steak, and sometimes even pizza. I’ll try anything on the grill just to avoid turning on the oven.

In the summertime, we sleep late and stay up later. There is something special about those quiet hours when the moon is up and the world is still.

In the summertime, an ordinary Tuesday can become a beautiful memory.

In the summertime, we go on adventures far and near. Nearly anything can be special if it’s during normal “school hours” or even better … in the middle of the night!

In the summertime, we celebrate pajama days, soak up the sun, ignore the clock, play in the sprinklers, bundle up around the fire pit, visit the ocean, play in the sand, play in the grass, play everywhere …

In my house summertime is for making memories, making fun, and making magic …

I am oh-so-glad that summer is finally here !

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