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Just a (Washington) Thought

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Ask me if I like living in Washington. Okay, now remind yourself to ask me again in … say … January. You will get two distinctly different answers, I assure you.

In January, I will tell you I hate the rain. I hate being stuck indoors. I hate the slushy gross snow. I the way people drive, and I generally hate Washington.

However …

Summertime in Washington is … amazing!

washington summer collage

The weather, while not hot by any means, is pretty nice. Everything is green and beautiful. The temps are perfect for sitting around a fire pit at night which, of course, feeds my newest obsession, S’mores!

There is also a lot to do in Washington in the summer, from parks to farmer’s markets to museums and movies (all of which on OUR summer to do list!) . We have an entire summer of awesome-ness planned, most of it free or really cheap (with the exception of gas, which isn’t cheap anywhere). There are adventures everywhere if you just do a little digging!

In Washington blackberries grow so much EVERYWHERE they are considered a noxious weed. I say that’s crazy talk because I loooooove fresh berries. I have a huge stretch of these “weeds” in my yard, and August is AMAZING because of it. (If plans and budgets work out, these noxious weeds are going to “fuel” something amazing later in the summer. Fingers crossed!)

I guess what I’m saying is … I ❤ Washington in the Summertime!!! 

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summertime (or in your favorite season) where you live?

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